An appointment after acquaintance on the Internet

Many people get acquainted now, long are on friendly terms and fall in love on the Internet. Whether there is a love on the Internet or not, we won’t argue. It is difficult to deny that many people have strong and deep feelings in the course of communication in the network. Do we have thought up a wonderful image of the girl or man on that side of the screen, or truly were pleasant with each other such what they are in life. But people after acquaintance on the Internet meet, pleasant each other and in real. And even marry. It is the fact. It is successful to get acquainted on the Internet it turns out not at all. In network it is much more difficult to experience the person, you can get feeling only from a manner of his letter, reactions to events, to see something on a photo which, maybe not him at all, either is made many years ago or is fresher, but in such foreshortening in which you will seldom see the person in real life. Or you just aren’t able treat persons as most of the ordinary people. In the network there are no smells, smiles, touches and feeling of the person nearby, side by side. Almost there are no sounds (well if you haven’t decided to speak on Skype and phone, of course). Only your thoughts adjoin. Communication on the Internet, most often, begins silently, with letters and short messages. Many people very quickly print the text, quicker, than if said it aloud. Movements of fingers on the keyboard quicker than articulation. You can check: to note time on a stop watch and to try to crack something quickly, and then to tell the same aloud, in the usual manner. What is quicker? The conversation in ICQ or other messenger or a chat reminds fast exchange of thoughts, but not words more. It is almost telepathy by means of the computer. In thoughtsm we always give ourselves the bigger freedom, than in real life. Perhaps, because of these silent conversations with thought speed, we admit the person from the Internet closer than if have got acquainted with him on the street.

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