Fat and Ugly? No Worries. Learn How to Pick Up Women On the Street Effortlessly

You’re unfit; you’re starting to grow a beer belly; you don’t dress like the men of GQ; you look so average you’ve been called ugly more than once in your life. Should you let it get in the way of you getting a girl you meet on the street to have lunch with you? How to pick up women should not be hard no matter how you look.
Good-looking guys aren’t the only ones who can score with hot ladies. You can score too, even if you are fat or average-looking. Heck, even ugly men can get their fair share of the beautiful ladies; that is if they know how to pick up women on the street the right way.
Personality can get you laid
The most common misconception about picking up girls is that you need to look like you’ve been taken out of a magazine cover. You don’t. See that man sitting on a bench with his clothes crumpled and a cup of coffee at hand? See the way his face seems to light up? Girls who walk past him will definitely feel the “happy vibe” this man emanates and will want to sit next to him.
There is no top secret here. If you want to know how to pick up women effortlessly, you should start smiling more. Have a happy disposition. If you’re unfit and unattractive, compensate by being perky and full of life. Most girls today go for personality. Remember that.
Lost? Ask for directions
Even if you know where the best coffee shop is, pretend like you don’t. Girls are generally helpful to guys who need directions. This works most of the times. Play the lost dude card. If you spot a nice-looking lady walking all by herself on the other side of the street, approach her immediately and ask directions.
Now, regardless of whether she knows or doesn’t know the coffee place you are asking, you must learn how to follow up your questions. Here are two scenarios:
She does know where the place is
You: “Oh, thank you. I’ve been going around the block for minutes thinking it was over here. I’m new here, that’s why I look like a lost kid.”
She: “Where are you from?”
You will tell her where you came from, then add some interesting information like your job, why you moved, etc. She will always have something to say about any of these like “Oh, that’s cool,” or “I know that place! I’ve been there on vacation once!”
By this time, you have already engaged her that she sort of forgets she needs to be somewhere. If she says she’s been to that place, ask about her experience there. You can even offer to go with her since you are familiar with the place. Just make sure you don’t freak her out.
And since she knows how to go to the coffee shop, you can ask her to lead you there, which I’m pretty sure she will do, and offer her a cup of coffee for being so helpful. Now you have a date with a good-looking woman.
She doesn’t know where the place is
If she has no idea where it is, say something like, “I really wanted to try some good coffee. Maybe there are other coffee shops here.” She definitely knows at least one place to grab a coffee, and when she tells you “I know a place,” then tell her to show you where it is. She won’t have much of a choice here but to go with you.
It is important that you keep the conversation going en route to the coffee place, so that by the time you get there and offer to buy her a drink, she will gladly oblige.
Personal space matters
When talking to a woman on the street, you need to have some distance. Don’t invade her personal space because that would drive her away. But don’t stand too far either because you will lose the connection. What you can do is try to close the gap once in a while. While talking, move a bit forward, then stand back. You’ll see that she’ll do the same. It would be good if you can modulate the volume of your voice so that she will lean to hear you.
Then lean on to something, like a post or a wall. It doesn’t matter if you have to step backwards because she will definitely move forward to be closer to you. That is the logical thing to do. Do this for a few minutes and then resume standing position. By this time, you two are standing closer to one another.
You don’t need to look like an Adonis to know how to pick up women on the street. All you need is the courage to approach them; a talkative nature could also help. It’s all in your ability to engage a girl in a conversation. Do that, and you will soon find out that in the dating and pick-up scene, looks aren’t everything.
You can always learn how to pick up women on the street and you will be the envy of every average Joes, even the good-looking guys. Don’t wait until she’s crossed the street before you take action.
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