The most “old” of us, we caught on the first hand those times when such games were found on various dubious CDs on the stall that clung to you: “Baiatu, boy, give you a good porn game.”But these are past stories, and let’s take a look at the less-discussed games of critics, sex-themed games that are surprisingly good.

Bubble Bath Babes

There are Bobble clones and there are Bubble Bath Babes. This game is a rarity even today, due largely to one factor: The game was on the originality. It is not the only game of its kind, Hot Slots being there somewhere, but a copy is certain that it exists in Romania, and even more, we have kept this modest treasure in my hands. We say this because the game can now be worth somewhere between 100 dollars and 1000, depending on the state it is in. From you will have the perfect deal now.

Playboy: The Mansion – Private Party Expansion

Playboy: The Mansion is a Sims clone at the base, your goal being to build the Playboy Empire and make you the happiest person in the world. Things that the original game was good foris until the Private Party expansion, which removes some elements, resulted in an 18+ cataloging and the impossibility of selling in the big chain stores. Guess what? This expansion was highly sought after. We believe that due to improvements in gameplay.

Lula: The Sexy Empire

It’s hard to lead an empire, especially a pornographic one, which Lula: The Sexy Empire does surprisingly well. The game is based on an economic strategy, in which you have to plan your every move, balance budgets and film your starlets. It has a humorous value here and there, but overall, the game is a successful mix of fun, sexuality and reality, at the end of the game feeling a little closer to the porn industry.

Leisure Suit Larry

We do not think we can write anything new about this series, no matter which game I’m talking about; has a different humor and tone than the rest of the games on this list. The Leisure Suit Larry series has made and is still making, the last title in the series being good, according to current standards, and if you want to laugh at your ears as you see Larry trying to seduce a kind of lady and recklessly, this game is exactly what you need.

Riana Rogue

Riana Rogue is not one of those games where you know exactly what to expect, considering the weather it was produced, the fact that the game is composed mostly of scenes previously filmed, being more of an adventure game with moments when you have to press a button, and obviously nudity, because it cannot be without.