Why it is impossible to tighten a meeting after an acquaintance in network

The longer you expect a meeting, the stronger you dream and you supplement an image of it, in thoughts already of the beloved, the person from the Internet – you idealize him or her. If your imagination has gone in the wrong direction, at a meeting you will be strongly disappointed in real. Therefore if you were interested in your new acquaintance on the Internet if you had liked the style of the speech, logic of reflections, proper responses to simple events. arising in the life, in the policy and in the world, you read the same books and you listen to the identical music, there is sense somewhat quicker to meet him. To meet to understand whether the sympathy between you as between two humans with the habits, manners, a beauty, smoothness of skin or silkiness of hair, gloss of eyes and aroma of a body is possible. If you don’t suit one another as 2 living beings, then all other merits, abilities and the benefits which your acquaintance – the potential groom has (or the bride) … all this will appear senselessly and it isn’t necessary for you. Well, it is necessary to meet as soon as possible!


How to meet the person from the Internet


Often friends on the Internet live in the different cities. The Internet acquaints people who would hardly meet sometime in real life because they have nothing would be to go so far.


If you want development of the serious relations and traditional family where the head – the man (serious, careful, responsible), give the chance to the man to prove. You don’t fuss and don’t offer him to resolve any issues for your money even if he doesn’t have finance yet. Let he will take care of it. And if you are the man – take a situation in hand and plan everything so that to both of you it was comfortable at a meeting..


It will be better if the man shows an initiative and will arrive to your city. Let he will overcome all the difficulties of a travel and this normal male behavior adapts to new conditions of others city.


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